DesignspringWorks Labs (DSW Labs) supports global manufacturing and OEM market for LED lighting and commercial products by applying its experience to provide product evaluation services of proposed and existing products. Product life expectancy, performance verification, safety, and adherence to industry standards are reviewed and tested. From this evaluation, advice on performance, life expectancy, production methods, material selection, electrical and electronic design, packaging and failure analysis can be provided to manufacturers, marketing organizations and warranty providers.

  • LED Lighting
  • Commercial Products
  • Medical Equipment
  • Consumer Electrical Products
  • Industrial Products

DSW Labs will also provide recommendations for product revisions and improvements where significant enhancements appear practical. In addition, we offer forensic evaluations of product failures.

We have over 30 years of experience in designing and evaluating products to meet or exceed industry standards of UL, CSA, ISO and CE. We successfully submitted over a thousand products, medical systems and devices, lighting products, emergency lighting with remote diagnostics, small appliances and numerous others. DSW Labs works in partnership with its clients to provide continuous real world product performance information to assist in updating our evaluation procedures.

We evaluate products and devices for failure analysis, cascade failures, potential fire and shock hazards and service life based on material choices, product construction, heat dissipation, component characteristics and basic structural design. Our evaluation process enables Warranty Underwriters and OEM’s to understand design-performance criteria and useful life cycle.

To get started with a product submission please see the downloadable Preliminary Information Request (PIR). The PIR should be sent to the address. Please contact us with any questions at (347) 377-0605.